Sales Intelligence for Infor CRM

New Infor product launching this fall is definitely worth checking out.

Did you know that Infor CRM is full of untapped data that can help you predict which leads and customers you should be engaging with, and what products those leads and customers would be most likely to purchase?  Today, everything we do creates data, but gaining access to and using that data can be difficult and expensive.  Especially for small and medium size businesses.   That is about to change with a new add-on product for Infor CRM.  Yesterday I attended a webinar showcasing a soon to launch product from Infor called Sales Intelligence for CRM.  This add-on product gives you access to important data using advanced science algorithms to help predict the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase and what product/s will be of the most interest.  This is good not only for sales and business growth, but also for the customer by making interactions meaningful and relevant.

How we access and use data is an area of interest for me, so I’m pretty excited to see what this product can do for our customer base of small and medium sized businesses.  I’ll continue to share information about Sales Intelligence for CRM as it becomes available.  In the mean time, you can check out the Sales Intelligence page to learn a bit more.


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