SalesLogix 7.5 Outlook Integration Lock-up issue

Question: We are experiencing a lock-up with the SalesLogix v7.5 Outlook Integration and it is happening like this:
From Outlook a user sends out an email to numerous people using the SendSLX button.  The user then goes into SalesLogix and is prompted to select which duplicate Contact to attach the email history against.  For the first 3-4 Contacts the user doesn’t seem to have a problem, but when the user gets to a certain Contact record, and it’s always the same one, the dialog box freezes.  It doesn’t matter which duplicate is selected, or if the user clicks OK, Cancel, Close, within the dialog box, it will lock-up.

The dialog comes up when the user logs in and the user can’t use SalesLogix until ActiveMail is disabled.  How can I figure out why the dialog/process locks-up when the it gets to the specific contact?

Answer: To troubleshoot your issue you should try the following –
Run your favorite Sniffer, an example is Fiddler, and follow the upload track.  You want to determine if attachments are being uploaded, if there are errors returned, and if there are calls pending.  You should also run SLX Profiler at the same time to see if it comes up with information about your issue.

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