SalesLogix 7.5 Web Upgrade Role Fix

 During a recent trial SalesLogix upgrade from SalesLogix 7.2 Web to 7.5 Web we encountered the following error while browsing through the web client- “No row with the given identifier exists [Sage.SalesLogix.Security.User#…]”


If you see this error use the following procedure to fix.

First clean out the Role and UserRole tables because no valid role definitions exist.

 Delete from sysdba.ROLE

Delete from sysdba.USERROLE

Then remove the records from the UserSecFunction table for any user that no longer exists.

 Delete from sysdba.USERSECFUNCTIONS
where userid in (select a.userid from sysdba.usersecfunctions a
left join sysdba.userinfo b on a.userid=b.userid
where b.userid is null)

Now you have a clean system and you’re ready to Rock and Roll!

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  1. Hi I am facing the same error with sales logix. When I looked at your solution it says that we have to delete the Roles and User roles tables . I checked in our system and have seen a few records exists in my system . If I delete those records does it affect anything in my system. Is it something like only un used records on the Role and User roles need to be deleted or the whole table records need to be deleted. Please reply back to me.


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