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I was working with a client recently and asked him to install a bundle logged in as the administrator.  As I followed along I saw he had successfully installed and released the bundle to all users.  In addition to the bundle there was some script changes we needed to implement.  He opened the Architect and we looked for the plugins – nothing.  I asked him if he logged in as the administrator or himself – he had logged into the Architect as himself with his administrative rites.  We logged out and the logged back in as the Administrator and the plugins were available.  We also had to log back into the Administrator as the SalesLogix Admin and install the bundles again because the release did not install the necessary plugins.  Administrative roles are a great feature but the Administrator should do all bundle installs and script changes. 

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  1. You stated – “Administrative roles are a great feature but the Administrator should do all bundle installs and script changes. ”

    While I am not an SLX Admin or Developer I manage the team that does – and I entirely disagree with the design of the ‘admin’ security. It cannot pass SOX… It does not pass common sense.

    I want all my SLX admin’s to use their own account to log in and do admin work, not log in as the common ADMIN user.

    Think Windows Server OS ‘s and SQL Server itself — do we do all maint on those machines using the local admin account OR do we force all my system admin’s to use their special domain account that has admin rights on the server/service? We do the later for security control and audit. (“We” meaning your company as well if I were a betting man).

    This horrible design in SLX is long overdue for its necessary fix….


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