SalesLogix Cloud fully functional on an iPad and iPhone – How?

Today, I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii sending Word merge forms to my SalesLogix Cloud Leads through Outlook.  Then, I scheduled and completed some phone calls, sent some emails from Outlook with attachments which I saved to SalesLogix history and updated a few Opportunities.  Whats so special about this?  I was doing it all from my iPad and not a laptop.  I know what your thinking, this cannot be true; well it is!  All except for the fact that I was really sitting on my porch and not on the beach in Hawaii, oh well.

How is this done? With a slick and simple remote desktop control application for the iPad and iPhone called LogMeIn. For a one time fee of $30, LogMeIn allows you to enable remote control of all of your PCs and Mac computers for one price.  I installed the application on my home server and my workstation and created the secure connections.  As long as you have either a WiFi or internet connection to the remote computer, you are all set.  LogMeIn handles the secure connection much like most RDP clients however it is optimized for the iPads touch screen interface so you use your finger to move the mouse curser around and tap the screen for a left click and a two finger tab for a right click.  It works better and faster then I had hoped and after a little practice, I was totally comfortable navigating my Windows applications with the “Human” interface of the iPad.  You can zoom in and scroll around the screen with finger flicks and the pop up keyboard lets you add and edit text fields easily.  What is doesn’t do is enable you to print anything and there is no sounds but that is insignificant to me.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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