SalesLogix Custom Date Fields and Daylight Savings

We recently helped a client with an issue on a custom date field.  Here is the problem.  When entering 11/2/08 into a custom date field, the date changes to 11/1/08 (ironically enough this is the day that Day Light Savings Ends). Is there something in the code that is changing the date (mind you we DO NOT USE TIME as a factor so it is strange that time is appearing in the field).

We found the problem is caused by a logic flaw in how SalesLogix handles dates that fall on a Daylight Savings Time change day. If you only enter dates and not times, as your description indicated, you can avoid the problem by flagging the Delivery Date field as Date-Only. That will turn off the GMT/UTC conversion which is the area that causes the problem.

Here is a SQL script example to flag fields as Date-Only. You need to run the script through the SalesLogix Administrator, under the Tools>Execute SQL menu item, making sure you execute it for the central database and also send it to all remotes.

update sysdba.sectabledefs set dateTimeType=’D’ where tablename=’CustomTable’ and (FieldName=’Customdate1′ or FieldName=’Customdate2′) 



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