Why is Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.ProductList Showing in the Lookup When an Item is Selected?

Question: In the ticket table in SalesLogix Web I am storing the ID of a row from a stand alone table.  The Lookup control I have added to the TicketDetails form does the lookup correctly, but the dialog returns the following into the lookup control: “Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.ProductList”.  Here are the steps that I have taken:

1. Create a relationship from the Ticket to the new entity.
2. Bound the lookup to the new property object.
3. Lookup Binding Mode is set to Object.
4. Lookup Entity Name is set to new entity.

Even when I try to create the relationship from a new entity I receive the same result – Sage.SalesLogix,Entities.ProductList.

Answer: I’m guessing that Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.ProductList shows up in the Lookup when an item is selected…?  This is happening because you haven’t set a string expression for the ProductList entity.  You will need to open the ProductList entity, go to the last tab and enter a string expression.  The items that you would like to appear in lookups you put here.  Here is an example:

You want a property called ListName on the entity to show in the Lookup, so you enter the following into the string expression:

You’ll basically put ${PropertyName} there where PropertyName is the name of a property on the entity (case-sensitive).

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