SalesLogix Errors

Running Reports

When running reports that use Group filters, report performance may be slow. Defect Number 6797

Currency values do not display correctly in Crystal reports unless the report is run against the database type (InterBase, MS SQL, or ORACLE) that is was originally created on.  For example: a report created on Interbase and run on MS SQL or Oracle databases – display the currency values as 0.00. SalesLogix Error.

This is a Seagate Crystal Reports problem and is fixable with a new .dll available from Seagate Software.  For your convenience, the p2sodbc.dll is available on the SalesLogix customer support site at  It is also part of the Crystal Reports run-time installation module available from SalesLogix. Defect Number 7157The Cancel button on the “Enter Parameter Values” prompt screen does not work when launching Crystal Reports in Client and Architect.  If the Cancel button is clicked from the prompt the report continues to display or print SalesLogix Error. 

Defect Number 7143

The SalesLogix Bundler does not allow the inclusion of Crystal Reports. The workaround is to use the Plugin Manager to move reports between databases.

Defect Number 7103

The print parameters on the Crystal reports are not maintained.  For example, if a report is designed to print in landscape, the settings are disregarded and the report prints in portrait.  This is only a problem when using the SalesLogix print function.  Printing a report using the Crystal preview window works fine and can be used as a work around. Defect Number 7091 

Crystal reports designed to include report prompts display the prompts twice at runtime.

For example: a report prompts a user to choose whether or not to print Notes on report.  The SalesLogix Error prompt appears once and user enters a response.  The prompt appears again and the user must respond a second time.  The results of the prompts work as expected.Defect Number 7092Using the Print button on the SalesLogix reports screen, produces a blank SalesLogix error message box (no message). The report still prints correctly.Defect Number 7090The SalesLogix Implementors Guide says to use the CRW Oracle drivers when configuring the DSN in the SalesLogix Administrator.  If these drivers are used, the DSN is not completely created the on the fly.  The Server Name field is not populated.  The work around is to manually enter the Server Name in the DSN Configuration screen or use the standard Oracle ODBC drivers. Defect Number 7155The WhenClose event on Crystal reports executes at the same time a report starts.Defect Number 6878WhenOpen events on SalesLogix Error reports run twice. Once before the report is compiled, and then after the report is finished compiling.  This should not cause any problems with calculations.Defect Number 6875On SalesLogix reports using VBA scripts, the “LogixErrors” API returns a SalesLogix error message stating Pane111 is not on a Pane object.

Defect Number 6838



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