SalesLogix Cloud Says to – Eat My Cyber Dust

Sage software has been working on the ability to offer SalesLogix in a “cloud” or “off-premise” environment for several months now.  With SalesLogix Cloud Edition, they have partnered with for the most modern, scalable data center on the planet, Amazons EC3 hosting service.

  • This hosting service is “elastic” which enables it to dynamically adjust bandwidth, CPU cycles and data storage eliminating many of the common complaints of older technologies which are based on pre-assigned nodes and server load balancing which causes inconsistent performance for the end user.

  • With Amazon EC3 you pay as you go, and only for what you consume.  No more nickel and diming you each time you exceed some pre-defined limitations or require new software features.  You also have the option to move your installation from in-house to the cloud or vice-versa if your situation changes.

  • You can manage your own Amazon Cloud environment, or have Sage manage the entire infrastructure on theirs.

Where Sage leaves the competition in their cyber dust is that as a CRM consumer you no longer have to chose between a truly great CRM solution installed on premise or a hosted mediocre SAAS solution that you pay for forever. With SalesLogix in the cloud, you can have it your way with the choice to deploy:

  • Subscribe to SalesLogix Cloud Edition and just pay a monthly fee, just like Salesforce

  • Buy SalesLogix and host it on Amazon yourself (it’s really easy, we can help), sorry, Salesforce does not allow this

  • Buy SalesLogix and host it at your location, sorry again, Salesforce says no

You also have the benefit of the Sage team supporting the installation and software, as well as the hands on involvement of your business partner, and not just for the first few days but forever.

We think is a very successful marketing bully (think Microsoft, IBM). If for some strange reason you are an alien reading this, having just landed on our planet and not yet subjected to any CRM marketing hype or rhetoric, you would be able to objectively evaluate SalesLogix and solely on the merits of the products. You would chose SalesLogix every time hands down.

But… has succeeded in creating a software community; almost a brotherhood that makes you feel good about buying into it, and a fool if you don’t.  This is nothing new, (think Microsoft, IBM). They were in the right place at the right time with tons of financial backing to pull it off.  That is what it takes to succeed in this game as a start-up and software companies that think they can make it on the merits of their software alone are doomed, regardless of how good it is.  You just cannot generate enough inertia fast enough to fuel the cash demands of the company and infrastructure.  However, is NOT the best solution on the market.

The message of “no software” and “instant CRM” is in total opposition to what the rest of the world, including SalesLogix, knows to be true. is still software, just hosted somewhere esle and paid for via a monthly subscription.  That’s it.  What you use it for, how you use it, and how you train and support your users is, and always has been the key to success with any business management system.  Check out their customer defection (it takes a little digging through SEC filings) rates for yourself and make up your own mind if “no software” and “instant CRM” are the most important factors in your CRM success.

The good news – with SalesLogix Cloud Edition, you can take the SaaS factor out of the equation, and compare apples to apples.  The benefits of the cloud subscription model, and the superior SalesLogix application.  You decide.  Now, if only Sage can figure out how to generate the buzz this offering deserves…

Scott Weber and David Tinjum collaborated on this post.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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