Saleslogix Integration with Google – WOW!

Saleslogix will be releasing their Google Integration this month and from what I have seen, it is fantastic, way beyond what I thought was possible.  It is much more than just email integration, you get Google Calendar and Contacts 2-way sync as well.  For some users, you may never have to open Saleslogix to get your work done because of how complete the integration is.

Here are the user definable integration areas:

  • Gmail – Record Emails to Saleslogix history from the Gmail web site. Another bonus is that email conversations are threaded together in Gmail.

  • Saleslogix/Google Contacts – Are stored and updated in both directions.  Users control which Saleslogix contacts to sync using an ad-hoc group and Google tags

  • Saleslogix/Google Tasks – Are stored and updated in both directions.  Google maintains a separate “Saleslogix” task list which can be completed in Google.

  • Saleslogix/Google Calendar Activities – Are stored and updated in both directions.  Re-Occurring meetings are supported as well.




Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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