SalesLogix Resources – Updated 03/09/2009

Updated 01/26/2009 

*New – SalesLogix Today PDF Download

 *New – SalesLogix Today Product Page

Sage SalesLogix Today Product Info Here…

SalesLogix 7.5 Interactive Benefits Tour

SalesLogix 7.5 What’s New

See for Yourself What’s New in SalesLogix 7.5

What’s New in SalesLogix 7.5 Downloads

New Documents for SalesLogix 7.5 

What’s New in Sage SalesLogix 7.5 PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 Upgrade Comparison PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 Client Features Comparison PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 Upgrade Comparison PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 Compatibility Checklist PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 for Sales PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 for Marketing PDF

SalesLogix 7.5 for Customer Service and Support PDF


From  Customer FX

SalesLogix User Group provides free online training workshops and user support to over 700 members from around the world.


SalesLogix developer community with over 3,100 members from around the world.


CRM Developer Blog by Ryan Farley


Customer FX on Twitter


From  Sage Software

Free working demo version of SalesLogix for the Blackberry


SalesLogix full working Web Client and Customer Portal


SalesLogix brochures and white papers


SalesLogix Success Stories


Role Based Flash Demos for SalesLogix 7.5




Service & Support



IT Professionals


Screenshot Tours

Sage SalesLogix 7.2 Tour

Sage SalesLogix Sales Tour

Sage SalesLogix Marketing Tour

Sage SalesLogix Customer Service Tour

Sage SalesLogix Support Tour

Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer Tour

Sage SalesLogix Back-Office Integration Tour

Sage SalesLogix Advanced Outlook Integration Tour 



David Tinjum

Dave is Founder and President of Customer FX Corporation. We all feel sorry for Dave - he's a wanna be geek who can't write a single line of code. How pathetic! Lucky for him, he's surrounded by a whole team of Alpha Geeks. Dave has been an industry insider since 1987 and is called the "Godfather of CRM" by some of his long time peers. He served as Chair of the GoldMine Channel Partner Council from 1993-2000 and Chair of the SalesLogix Business Partner Advisory Council from 1998-2004.

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