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A comprehensive SalesLogix Training program is essential to the success of your users.  Choose from dozens of options, including:

SalesLogix Training Tip 01:

SalesLogix for Marketing automatically tracks the campaigns you launch against prospects or existing customers and lets you match that information with responses received.  Arm your sales team with quality leads as you track responses to a campaign using campaign codes and campaign status when new prospects are added to your customer database.  Or if you’re re-marketing to your current customer base, you can simply track the date and call to action they used to respond.  Reponses are rolled into your management view for the campaign and results are tracked as raw data and % of potential automatically!

SalesLogix Training Tip 02

Manage all the components of your campaign using tasks.  Set up due dates and assign tasks for deliverables to internal personnel or external vendors and contractors letting you view all your campaign details at a glance!  You can also associate forecasted vs. actual budget spent per task and SalesLogix2000 for Marketing automatically rolls it up into the overall budget tracked for the campaign.

SalesLogix Training Tip 03

Leverage the patented SalesLogix® Process Engine to automate those pesky follow-ups to campaigns and take the guess work out of it for your sales force.  You can graphically configure when you want data sheets, a letter, or e-mail to be sent out.  Base your follow-up criteria on a response to a campaign or the lack of a response!  Set up the process to automatically schedule a phone call for your sales reps with prospects after the campaign has hit so you can get them into the sales process faster and grow your pipeline.

SalesLogix Training Tip 04

What good is it to run a campaign if you have no idea how successful it was?  Not only does SalesLogix for Marketing allow you to track the response rate of campaigns, but it can also tie campaigns directly to sales revenue generated from the campaign using flexible, built-in reporting.  Drill down on opportunities associated with campaigns to even the product level so you can examine the quantity of a particular product sold by a particular campaign.  SalesLogix2000 for Marketing lets you cube and analyze your data on the fly with Seagate Analysis™ so you don’t have to wait for an over-worked IT staff to build you a report.  Instant access to graphical results!

SalesLogix Training Tip 05

Once you’ve got a history of campaign response profiles on customers, you can take the guesswork out of re-marketing to them with easy-to-use data mining tools.  MarketMiner® ships with SalesLogix2000 for Marketing and is a data mining application with several wizards that make analyzing your prospect lists a breeze!  Using the Response Wizard, you can feed it the criteria of your ideal target prospect.  MarketMiner will mine your list and return a score for each prospect so you can find the best audience for your campaign and increase your response rate.

SalesLogix Training Tip 06

Campaign tasks are the steps necessary to executing a campaign – delivering ad copy, creating the art, scheduling the mail drop etc., are all tasks that can be tracked.  To view, create, edit or delete the tasks associated with a campaign, simply select the campaign in the grid, then click the Task button to see all identified and tracked tasks.  Manage all the items assigned to people within the organization and outside – such as printers or mail fulfillment houses.

SalesLogix Training Tip 07

SalesLogix for Marketing includes a new way to capture campaigns when new contacts are created.  When a new contact is added general account/contact information is first captured.  After the contact and/or account have been added, you can find and enter a valid campaign.  This new Campaign Response view prompts for the user to lookup the campaign and is available in both the traditional and web clients.  The user is able to enter or select a specific campaign code, or to “filter” through by family and type.  This makes it easier for anyone capturing the data to record the correct information.  Even existing contacts can easily have all their marketing ‘touches’ tracked.


David Tinjum

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