Setting a String Expression in the SalesLogix Application Architect

Question: We plan to set a string expression in the SalesLogix Application
Architect and I’m wondering where the string expression is stored so
that we can open it in Visual Studio and make changes?

 Answer: Anytime a string expression is set for an entity in Application
Architect and you do a build, the string expression is set as the
ToString override forr the entity in the actual code implementation that
is found in the build output folder.

Before the build, this is in the metadata for the entity in the
model.  As an example, you’ll see this for an Account entity when you
navigate in your model to ModelEntity ModelSalesLogix Application EntitiesAccount and open Account.ACCOUNT.entity.xml in a text editor. The node is found in the XML for StringExpression in the OrmEntityMetadataExtension section.

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