Setting the SData Configuration Path After Error 500 in Saleslogix Web 8.x

One of the first steps for an administrator, after completing the installation or upgrade to a version 8.x Saleslogix (Infor) web client, is to set the SData Sync Configuration.  After logging in as admin go to the ADMINISTRATION entity and pick SData Sync Configuration.  Here is where you would enter the required settings -for example, Server “yourwebserver”, Port “3333”, Data Portal “SData”, Username “Admin”, and Password “youradminpassword”.  When you hit the test link it should test with the “The feed tested successfully” message.  However, if it does not and does not change the Saleslogix Feed, but instead returns Error 500, then you will need to modify the ENDPOINTURL in SQL Management Studio.  After you have the Saleslogix DB open go to the  sysdba.APPIDMAPPING table.  Then select Edit Top 200 rows so you can modify the ENDPOINTURL directly.  After you have set the correct server and port (none if using port 80) then you should see the correct Saleslogix Feed in the SData Sync Configuration something like” http://yourserver:3333/sdata/slx/gcrm/-/”.



  1. Hi Mark,

    When clicking the “Test Link” button , I got error 401 rather than 500. The error message in the Status field was: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

    I checked the sysdba.APPIDMAPPING table in which there was only one record:
    APPID: QSYST0000000
    Name: Saleslogix
    ENDPOINTURL: http://localhost:3333/sdata/slx/gcrm/-/

    However, the SDATA portal has been working properly.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Correction:

    In the sysdba.APPIDMAPPING table, there were 2 records:
    APPID: QSYST0000000
    Name: Saleslogix
    ENDPOINTURL: http://OPSWebTest:3333/sdata/slx/gcrm/-/

    Name: InforCRM SOR:InforCRM

    Note: OPSWebTest is the name of the SLX web server.

  3. Hi,

    Here are suggestions for fixing the 401 error.
    401 Unauthorized error testing the link in SData Sync Configuration.
    1. Retype the Admin password and click out of the password field before testing.
    2. If using Windows Authentication, use the WebDLL user name and password instead of Admin.
    3. If on Port 80 or Port 443 (SSL) ensure the Port field is empty and check the ENDPOINTURL in the APPIDMAPPING table to ensure the port is not in this URL.
    4. If using Windows Authentication, ensure this is working for SData by checking the Adapters page. http://:/sdata/$system/adapters

  4. Hi Mark,

    We are using Windows Authentication. I tried using WebDll to test and got “The feed tested successfully”.

    Many thanks!


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