Solutions for an Unresponsive Infor CRM SLX Web Portal

In the course of my job working with Infor CRM SLX, I will sometimes hear a client mention that their web client was frozen, or stopped working, so they had to reboot the server to get it working again. While a reboot is indeed likely to restart whatever it is that is stuck, there are often less disruptive ways to deal with those issues if you can identify exactly what needs to be restarted.  Some of the basics are mentioned in THIS blog post.  Today I am going to be looking specifically at the web server, and techniques that had help if the web client or some other part of the web portal specifically appears to be unresponsive.

IIS Process in Task Manager

The least intrusive way to try to get a stuck web portal going again is by forcing the IIS process to quit using the Windows Task Manager. Bring up the the Task Manager, and click the down arrow to select More Details (if not already selected).  Sort the processes by name, and find one or more copies of IIS Worker Process 32-bit. (If you created additional application pools in IIS, as mentioned THIS, there will be more than one.) If any IIS Worker Process 32-bit shows 1.8 GB or higher in the Memory column, it likely is stuck, and you will need to quit that process by right-clicking on it and choosing End Task. Usually the process shows 1.4 GB Memory or less. If it is between 1.4 an 1.8 GB, the process might or might not be stuck, though if you already know the web client is frozen, it would be worth a try to End Task. One advantage of this method is the if you have multiple application pools in IIS, it only resets the one, leaving anything a different app pool is handling untouched.

Run CMD as Admin

If you know you need to reset IIS in it’s entirety, perhaps because you have tweaked the settings and need to new ones to take effect, you can run IISRESET from the command line. The actual program is cmd.exe in the Windows\System32 folder.   On many servers, to have the required rights you will need to run this as admin, which you can do by right clicking on a shortcut and choosing Run as Administrator.  You can do that by opening a command prompt, right clicking on it in the task bar, right clicking Command Prompt on that menu, and choose Run as Administrator there bring up an second command prompt with elevated privileges.  In any case, just type IISRESET at your elevated command prompt, and it will reset all the IIS portals, both restarting them, and allowing any new settings to be applied.


If you are not even sure exactly what it is that is not working in Infor CRM SLX, and you don’t have time to investigate (or you server server reboots very quickly), you can reset everything by rebooting the whole machine.  In mast cases the time to recover is a bit longer than the other two techniques mentioned but it does have the advantage of resetting everything, not just the web portal.  Do please note that you can reboot a server by running the command    shutdown -r    at a command prompt. Usually that is not needed, but I have been on servers where the option to reboot was removed from the Window menu, but I still had rights to reboot from the command prompt.

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