Sorting By Table ID in SalesLogix

Question: When I originally migrated data into Saleslogix a few years ago, some of the
data was imported in the chronological order from the source system, but
I used the same createdate for each record when inserting into
Saleslogix. I’m hoping that I can use the table ID to properly
identify the chronological order of creation. I understand that the ID is comprised of a table identifier, site
code, and a 36 based number. Can I parse out the 36 based
number and use that for sorting?

Answer: That’s correct.  The first character is the record type A-ccount, C-ontact
etc. with Q for custom tables. The next four characters are the SiteID (6UJ9)
for example. The next two chars are the keybase (used for remote
databases, starting at A0). The last 5 chars are the uniqueID (using
b36) i.e.


If you aren’t using remotes then
it becomes A-6UJ9-XXXXXXX i.e. the last 7 chars are using for key
creation. This is what gives the range of IDs.

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