Stopping a Program From Writing Changes to the SalesLogix Database

Question: I have a manage form in SalesLogix with several required fields.  I
changed the Button Kind to bkcustom and set the modal result to mrNone
because the form validate was not working.  I added
Application.BasicFunctions.CloseCurrentView False as the last line
of code on the the button click event – after the values are written to
the database this code fires.  After the user clicks OK on the message
box that pops up if there is a blank fields that is required I need to
stop the program from writing changes to the database.  How can I do

Answer: IIRC validation doesn’t fire the same for non-bound forms, so you
should script it. Check the required controls, you can do this
generically if needed by flagging the required ones and looping through
the controls, and then stop execution if the form does not


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