Tabs missing in the SalesLogix web client

There is a bug in the SalesLogix web client that causes tabs to occasionally go AWOL for no apparent reason. There are a couple of ways to fix this.

The issue stems from the fact that the user’s layout definitions, including tabs visible, are constantly being updated and written to the SalesLogix database in the VIRTUALFILESYSTEM table.  The problem seems to come from the fact that the system does not always recognize when a tab has been added or when it has been removed.  I beleive the code must count how many tabs are visible and if it matches the count in the saved settings it does not correctly update the users settings causing a tab to vanish.

This happens routinely if the admin removes a tab and adds a tab all in one deployment.  it also happens if a user hides a tab and shows a different tab.  There are probably other reasons too but the end result is a tab disappears.

There are three ways of fixing the problem:

1 Clear out the users VFS settings.  This will clear out all settings, not just tabs but splitter sizes, collapsed panels, etc.  You can see how to do this here.  The nice thing about this approach is that it works for all users experiencing the problem and works without needing the users intervention.

2 You can add a new smartpart to the tab worskpace via the application architect.  Usually doing this will solve the issue and then the extra tab can be removed.  You can re-add a second copy of an existing tab for this purpose.  The key here is that the users experiencing the missing tab need to log in and navigate to the page with the missing tab between when you deploy the extra tab and before you remove that extra tab.  Once the user logs in the system will detect a new tab has been added to the system and then their settings will be fixed.  The downside is obviously the users must log in at the right time and it requires 2 deployments.

3 You can mimic the result in item 2 above but immediately and without needing to deploy. Lets say we are missing a tab in the account section of SLX.  You can go to the web server and find the Account.aspx.cs file.  This should be in the location of C:inetpubwwwrootslxclient in a default install.  In the code file there is a method called LoadSmartParts.  You can simply comment out one of the lines that begins with “RegisterSmartPart(“TabControl”…” by adding a “//” in front of the line.  Save the code file and then have the user log in and navigate to the page with the missing tab.  The system will detect a change in tab counts and will fix the users settings.  Once they have done so you can remove the comment from the code file and re-save the file.  Now the user can refresh their page (F5) and the missing tab should suddenly appear.  Again this approach requires timing with the user experiencing the problem and requires you to remove an existing tab, though only potentially very quickly.  It does avoid the 2 deployment requirements of option 2 above.

Hopefully Sage will fix this issue in a future release but for now follow one of these approaches for happy end users and well behaved tabs.



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. We have another problem with the tabs. They are not disappearing but changing they’re possition without clicking them.


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