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Update to Git Extensions for SalesLogix Available

For anyone who uses Git Extensions for SalesLogix, I've released a small update that adds some core functionality and makes it possible to complete the entire scenario of setting up and using Git with a SalesLogix project - all from within the SalesLogix Application Architect!

Column formatting in the SalesLogix web grid control

In the SalesLogix web grid control there is a TextFormatString property to grid columns.  Unfortunately there is no documentation currently on how to use this property.  Hopefully this article will help with that.   In the SalesLogix Application Architect, if you open a QuickForm that has a grid, you can click on the Grid to […]

Setting a permanent filter on the Add Opportunity Product screen in the SalesLogix web client

I recently was asked to add a permanent filter on the add opportunity product screen to control what products were available to a user. The requirements called for only certain products to be visible to some users while other products were available to other users, and still other products were available to all users. This may sound complex but it is actually pretty easy, provided you know where to start.

Preview of Git Extensions for SalesLogix

Yesterday I announced my new project Git Extensions for SalesLogix. I received a lot of e-mails from people who read that post, so I thought it would be a good idea to record a quick video so you can see it in action and get a better idea how it works. This quick 4-5 minute video will show you how to commit changes in Application Architect to a Git repository and push the changes to an online repository as well, all from inside Application Archit...

Announcing Git Extensions for SalesLogix and the Customer FX Open Source Initiative

This blog post is the first of many that will cover the topics of using source control with SalesLogix development, Customer FX's open source initiative, and the new Git Extensions for SalesLogix module for Application Architect. These are three things I am completely excited about. Using source control with SalesLogix development in Application Architect is a necessity if you want to do it right. Git Extensions for SalesLogix is the first of...

The SalesLogix Web SLXLookup Control Part 2 – Additional Filtering

In my last post I talked about how the lookup control can have multiple conditions added to filter the lookup results. This is done using Prefilters. However, these conditions are appended together with AND logic. Today I want to talk about a method for building OR logic so that a lookup can, for instance, only show those accounts where the type = customer OR the type = prospect.

Custom Calculated Entity Properties

The SalesLogix entity model offers the ability to create a custom property underneath an entity.  This can be useful for automatically rolling up things like the Opportunity Sales Potential or calculating fields such as the Opportunity Weighted Average.  To add an custom entity property, expand out the VFS…Entity Model…Packages…SalesLogix Application Entities.  Right click on properties […]

The SalesLogix Web SLXLookup Control

The following is a brief overview of the SalesLogix Lookup control and how to use it in the SalesLogix web client. Determining the Lookup type The SalesLogix SLXLookup web control is built upon the standard ASP.Net Lookup control.  It offers the ability to bind the lookup to a SalesLogix entity to look up records within […]

SalesLogix 7.5 Web Manifest – Adding custom SmartParts

After developing in SalesLogix 7.5 web long enough you will come across one of the OOTB screens that are not editable Quick Forms or will need to build your own custom SmartParts. These custom SmartParts are useful in they allow much more flexibility then is available in a Quick Form, however you must modify the code directly without a graphical interface. When it comes time to bundling these custom SmartParts there are a couple of things to ke...

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