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Delivering Data & Schema in SalesLogix Bundles

If you've had any exposure to SalesLogix, you'll have used a bundle. Bundles are great, but when it comes to delivering data or schema changes in a bundle, there have always been a lot of unknowns as to what is actually happening. What if the schema changes already exist in the target database? What about data, does it only insert or does it do updates if the data already exists? This post will attempt to clarify these questions so you...

SalesLogix Web Manifest “wizards” buggy

I had a phone call yesterday with a client who was trying to use the Application Architect's manifest creation "wizards" by project difference and by change date and was running into the fact that these wizards have bugs that malforms the XML representing the manifest. This prevents the user from being able to save the manifest, or if they do save, when installed do not properly add the components that are defined in the bundle.

The SalesLogix bundlediff.exe utility for SalesLogix 7.5.2

During the SalesLogix upgrade from a previous version of the SalesLogix web client ot 7.5.2 one of the procedures is to create a manifest bundle of all of you customizations.  SalesLogix has now provided a utility to help compare what from your custom manifest has changed in SalesLogix 7.5.2. Lest say that I am on […]

Removing Bundles

Caution!!!! When you receive a bundle to test, make sure you load that bundle into a test system first. Once you have tested your bundle and want to apply to the LIVE database, you can do so. If for some reason this bundle needs to be removed, you do not need to remove the entire […]

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