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Programatically Adding a New Record in SalesLogix Web

Something that is a common task in development, yet one that I get a lot of questions about, is how to programatically add a new record in SalesLogix Web using the entity model. This is an easy task, but unless you have some examples to learn from you might not know where to start. Let’s […]

Creating a Business Rule to Return a List of Objects

One of the best things about working with the SalesLogix 7.2 Web application is how great the entity model is. You have this single place to put all your rules and logic, the UI is really just an afterthought. Something that I do quite often is create business rules to return data specific to an entity instance. For example, a rule to return the primary contact for an account. Let's take that a step further and return a list of objects from a...

Ping a Remote Server Using C#

In my last post, I shared some code in VBScript to PING a remote server to check for availability before attempting to use a resource on that remote server. This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't also share this code in C# as well. IMO, this sort of thing is a far better suited for a .NET Extension if for the SalesLogix Windows client.

Elegant SalesLogix Table ID Class in C#

I’ve been using the following C# class for creating SalesLogix table ID values lately and I just love the elegant syntax it provides. It’s really been growing on me. Here is the class: using System; using System.Data.OleDb; namespace SalesLogix.Utility { public class TableID { private string _table = string.Empty; public TableID(string TableName) { switch (TableName.ToUpper()) […]

GetField Equaivalent for C# using Generics

Many people who customize SalesLogix have become accustomed to using the built in "SLX Database Support" script to provide things like the quick and easy GetField function to return a single database value. If you've ventured into the .NET Extensions realm, you might want an easy equivalent. The following is a repost of something I posted around a year ago in the Sage Business Partner newsgroups

Entity Change State And Getting Previous Values in SP2

I posted before about getting previous values for entity properties in SalesLogix Web. The method I used in that post made use of IEntityState to get the changes for an entity. In SP2 (version 7.2.2 - currently in release candidate as of the time of this post) IEntityState is now obsolete. It has been replaced by Sage.Platform.ChangeManagement.IChangedState. All SalesLogix entities now implement this interface.

Custom Entity Properties and Displaying the Primary Contact on the Account Detail Form

A question was asked in the SalesLogix Business Partner newsgroups about how you would go about adding the Primary Contact for an account to the AccountDetails form. I thought this was a great idea for a post since there are many ways to go about doing this, some of them better than others. Your first reaction might be to write some code on the form, in a LoadAction, to set a control with the value of the account's primary contact. However, y...

Default Page for New SalesLogix 7.2 Web Users

When a SalesLogix user logs into the SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client for the first time, they will, by default, end up at a blank area since they have not yet selected a default in their user options (Such as the account or contact area). Chnaging this behavior is a simple thing as long as you know where to do it.

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