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Populating AutoComplete Strings

I recently had a project which required me to populate the strings collection in an AutoComplete control from data contained in the database. I wanted to take a second to outline how I populate the control's strings, as well as create a reusable script to simplify the process in the future

User feedback using the Animate Control

In my last blog post, I described how to use the Progress Bar control to provide feedback to a user when running time intensive processes.  In addition to the Progress Bar control, the Animate control can also be used.  Animate Control The Animate control is very simple to use.  A number of animations are inlcuded to […]

Using Team Membership for Dynamic view display

While field level security can be used to limit readwrite access to fields by using security profiles, another option is to use team membership to determine how to configure controls on the view itself. In this example, I'll outline how to show different configurations of the Account Detail view based on a users team membership.

SalesLogix Basics 4 – ADO Recordsets in SalesLogix LAN

By using ADO, you have a powerful resource for reading and storing data in SalesLogix. In this basics article, I'll outline the main components involved in constructing and using an ADO recordset in general, and specifically with SalesLogix . If you've never worked with ADO before, this simple example will give you what you need to incorporate ADO into your own customizations.

Calling Merge Forms in SalesLogix LAN VBScript

Recently, I've been working on a customization which calls for one of a number of Merge Forms to be ran based on certain criteria. This is a pretty simple process, and here's how I did it: First of all, I need to get the pluginid for the appropriate Merge Form, based on my criteria. This can be found in the "Plugin" table, based on the plugin type of 25, and the name of the Form. In this case, these forms have been created b...

SalesLogix Basics 3 – Radio Buttons VS Radio Group controls

For this basics article, I just wanted to outline the differences between the Radio Button and Radio Group controls, and when you would want to use one vs. the other. Both controls provide a similar sort of interface to end users, allowing them to select one out of many available options.  Differences in how the […]

Programmatically populating combobox controls in SalesLogix

A combobox control works much like a picklist, in that it presents a number of selectable values to be stored in that control.  You can set available values at development time using the items property of the control, but for greater flexablility, you can populate the control at run-time as well.  For this example, we’ll […]

SalesLogix Basics 2 – Basic Scripting/Control Events

  It’s simple enough in the SalesLogix LAN client to slap a bunch of bound controls on a form, but if you want to perform any sort of action on that data, chances are you are going to be writing code on various events available to you. As a simple example, I’ll build a simple […]

Programmatically building a datagrid in SalesLogix LAN

I recently had a project where I had to configure an account-level datagrid which displayed a list of related opportunities.  Aside from standard opportunity level fields, I also needed to include a simple count of products for each opportunity. In order to include the product count, I used a relatively simple process to define and […]

In the beginning…

For my first Blog post (well, I guess technically second), I’m going to keep things pretty simple. If you’re already familiar with implementing customizations in SalesLogix, this will all be old hat. If you’re familiar with common controls in Visual Basic or C#, then this should all seem familiar to you as well. I’ll get more in-depth in the future; but for now, here’s some of the most common controls I use in SalesLogix customizatio...

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