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The Unknown SalesLogix Calendar Report

I am going through and reviewing to make sure we have covered all of the standard Crystal Reports that come with Sage SalesLogix.  I think I am almost done but I want to make sure I have covered them all. If I find any that are not covered I will make sure to write.  Today we will discuss a […]

Updating the SalesLogix Work Order Crystal Report

I reviewed the SalesLogix Work Order Crystal report on the 19th of February 2009.  This report turned out to have a number of issues.   Here is what I wrote about this report in my original review. Start Excerpt………….. Looking at this report you see that it is out of date with the way SalesLogix currently operates today.  For example, […]

Slight Improvements to the Weekly Recap Report

In a post labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 7) dated Feb 19th, 2009 I wrote a blog post reviewing the SalesLogix Weekly Recap Crystal Report. During the post I did not have much to write about this particular report.  When I reviewed the report today I thought of one improvement that we could make.  Currently this report is set up to give […]

Improving the SalesLogix Ticket Knowledge Base Crystal Report

The SalesLogix Support Ticket Knowledge Base Crystal Report is a very straight forward and well built document.  On this my second review of the document I almost left it as is but I came up with a couple of things that might make the report a little better.  Here is the initial review. Start Excerpt ……….  […]

Updating the SalesLogix Problem Analysis – By Area Crystal Report

Real easy quick post today.  The  Problem Analysis – By Area report was already fixed during the initial review.  Read “Updating Sage SalesLogix Problem Analysis Crystal Report” to read the review.  Mostly what I did to update this report is shrink the Cross Tab fields to a size that allowed 31 one days of data to display on […]

Updating Sage SalesLogix Problem Analysis Crystal Report

All I wanted to do is fix the layout of this simple little report, but as I prepared for this post I noticed that the report was not totaling correctly. This was caused by not accounting for the records where an Area was selected but not a Category or an Issue. This will make updating this report a little more complicated but it will be fun all the same.

Improving the Sage SalesLogix Support Follow-up Crystal Report

Today we will get back to fixing, adjusting or improving the standard Crystal Reports that come with an implementation of Sage SalesLogix.  I originally commented about this report on January 29th, 2009 in a post labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 2)  Start Excerpt…………… Now let’s review the SalesLogix Support Follow-up – Sample report.  The report […]

An Update to the CFX_Opportunity Detail Report.

I was working with a client yesterday on the standard Sage SalesLogix Opportunity Detail Crystal Report and we came upon a issue that was not addressed in my review or in my attempt to improve the report.  The issue – if you have multiple History records, all from one day, you only see the first […]

Fixing the SalesLogix Support Escalated Tickets Crystal Report

Were are working with the Ticket Level Reports that I wrote about in a post labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 2)  on January 29th, 2009.  This is what I wrote concerning this report. Start Excerpt…… Taking a look at the Support Escalated Tickets report first.  When I ran the report there were no additional parameters and it provides the Ticket […]

Adding to the SalesLogix Support Call Turn Around Crystal Report

Today we are going to look at the SalesLogix Support Call Turn Around Crystal Report.  I wrote about this report on January 27th 2009 in a post labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 1).  This is what was written about the report.  Start Excerpt……………. Now lets look at the Support Call Turn Around report.  The purpose of […]

Improving the SalesLogix Billable Ticket Crystal Report

Today we will take a look at our first Ticket Level report.  In the SalesLogix Billable Ticket Crystal Report there is very little to fix but I think the comments about modifying the report are still accurate.   The post that I reviewed this report in was written on January 27th 2009 and was labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 1).  This is […]

Updating SalesLogix Opportunity Summary Crystal Report

So we have about 20 reports left to update as move onto the SalesLogix Opportunity Summary Crystal Report.  I reviewed this report in SalesLogix Opportunity Reports (Part 2) dated January 13th of 2009.  This is what I wrote about todays report. Start Excerpt……………… The Opportunity Summary report is a simple little report that provides basic Opportunity information.  But [&hell...

Finishing SalesLogix Opportunity Detail Crystal Report

As we continue adjusting the Crystal reports that come with a standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix we come to the Opportunity Detail report.  I wrote about this report in a blog post on January 6th 2009.   Here is the link if you want to revisit the post.  This is what I wrote on the “Opportunities Detail” report. […]