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Phone Formatting in Editable SData Grids in Infor CRM

In the 8.4 Infor CRM web client, if you add a phone number column to an SData grid it does not handle formatting phones that contain extensions. Phones that are just 10 digits format fine as (nnn) nnn-nnnn but if you add a phone value like “6515554444×123” that value does not show formatted but instead […]

Resizing a Editable Grid in the Infor CRM Web Client

The web client’s editable grid does not resize well when you expand a tab that the grid may exist on. You end up with a lot of white space at the bottom of the grid where you could be showing data from the grid. Unfortunately the architecture of the tab workspace does not offer an […]

Editable Grid modifications/deployments with new entity properties in InforCRM (Saleslogix)

I was working on an editable datagrid, adding two new columns from a couple of field properties that I had just added to the entity model. After I made my changes, built the web platform and deployed, my new columns were not showing up in the datagrid. "Oh well", I thought, "Sometimes you have to rebuild everything for a change to come across". So, I deleted everything from my build folders to force a full rebuild. I also deleted everything f...

Making a Column Editable in the Saleslogix Live Grid

One of the nice things about the Saleslogix live grid in the web client is that you can make columns editable in line saving user input time.  In the live grid’s column collection to do this you just need to define the Editable column to True.   Well almost.  You also need to set the […]

Disabling an Editable Field in a Datagrid in SalesLogix v7

Question: I'm trying to disable an editable date field in a datagrid in SalesLogix v7 using this code: from the CustomDrawCell event - the field name and display name are 'Online_Date' and grid is named dgProduction: dgProduction.Columns.Item(" Online_Date").DisableEditor=True I get the error: Object Required: 'dgProduction.Columns.Item(...)' I've used this code before without issue. Any thoughts why this is ...