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Problem Showing All Area, Category, and Issue Values in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Mobile And How to Fix

There is an issue with the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Mobile client where, if you have a large list of Area, Category, & Issue values, not all of them will show in the lookup. This is caused by the fact that the out of the box AreaCategoryIssue lookup will retrieve only 200 rows, and, then filter the distinct list of these 200 rows to show the available area, category, or issue values. The problem comes into play when you have more than 200 rows ...

Missing Properties/Toolbox window in SalesLogix LAN

If you work on SalesLogix across a number of remote desktop connections and a number of different workstations as I do, you may occasionally run into an issue where the Properties or Toolbox windows cannot be made visible. This happens when you first start a Remote session from a machine with a greater screen resolution, move one of those windows to the far right of the screen, then start a Remote session on a machine with a smaller resolution. ...

SalesLogix Web Manifest “wizards” buggy

I had a phone call yesterday with a client who was trying to use the Application Architect's manifest creation "wizards" by project difference and by change date and was running into the fact that these wizards have bugs that malforms the XML representing the manifest. This prevents the user from being able to save the manifest, or if they do save, when installed do not properly add the components that are defined in the bundle.

SalesLogix 7.5.2 web client: A Problem with Web Viewer Licenses and Completing Activities

I recently ran into a strange issue in the web client that turned out to have a logical explanation. This explanation however, demonstrates a bug with the standard SalesLogix behavior. The issue lies in trying to Complete an Activity or edit an existing history record when logged into the SalesLogix web client as a web viewer user. The web client will freeze when trying to complete an activity linked to an Account or Contact.

How to Fix the SalesLogix Web Customer Portal so Date Controls work

  The standard SalesLogix customer portal site has a problem with date controls.  The calendar pop-up does not work.  It is strange because the supporting files involved around the calendar control are the same as the SalesLogix web client’s calendar control.  namely the files involved are all part of the ext-js framework which is an […]

Product Table, ModifyDate field not included for use in SalesLogix Web.

I have been working to build a web interface that allows a user to add unlisted products into their system during the creation of a Sales Order or Quote.  When doing this, not only is the product added to the SALESORDERITEMS table, but also the PRODUCT and PRODCUTPROGRAM tables as well. While scripting this interface I came across an issue that […]

SalesLogix 7.5.2 Hot Fix 1 – the Dependency Lookup is still broken

SalesLogix released hotfix 1 for SalesLogix 7.5.2.  One of the published resolutions of the hot fix was a modification to the dependency lookup to fix defect 1-72412 “Editing ACI values on the ticket causes the ACI view to freeze”.  This fix entailed a new version of the SalesLogix web control assembly.  I had been hoping […]

Groups Not Loading in SalesLogix 7.5 Web

I recently saw an issue where groups would not load in SalesLogix 7.5.1 web. Not a single group would load. You'd see the spinning circle as if it were attempting to load the group. However, that would disappear and then...nothing. No group data would appear. Not just the data, but not even the group definition, so you wouldn't even see any column headers. With a little troubleshooting the problem was easy to track down, and the solution ...

Relationship Property Names and Case

In today's SalesLogix Web Developer class, we discussed an issue that someone in the class was having at runtime with a relationship that had a property that started with lower-case letters. Here are the details of that issue and the fix.

Error Opening InsertOpportunity.aspx in SalesLogix 7.2 Web

I posted this a while back in the SalesLogix Business Partner newsgroups, but it has recently just helped a few others who came across it there, so I thought it would be a worthwhile public post. Not everyone will get the error mentioned in this post, but if you are then this should help. This post also describes my troubleshooting process to locate this issue and determine the fix for it.