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Solving the Infor CRM or Saleslogix Database Manager Crash

We had an issue with the Database Manager on our 8.3.6 Infor system where the Database Manager would start to open all of the tables but at the last table, it would hang and eventually crash the Administrator or the Architect.  The tables would open correctly in SQL Management Studio so we felt certain the database was not corrupted.

Video: Moving From SalesLogix LAN to SalesLogix Web

Here is a demonstration from our Demystifying series that will give you insight into hardware and software requirements for servers and workstations as well as FAQ's as you move from SalesLogix LAN to SalesLogix Web. We also demonstrate how to add your custom fields to existing forms.

Advanced Analytics for Sage SalesLogix Demo [Video]

Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to learn and use interactive analytics solution that enables you to increase organizational and customer intelligence, shape strategic priorities and make informed business decisions. Bring your CRM data to life and maximize your investment in Sage SalesLogix CRM by analyzing data and key performance indicators from across your organization for a deeper understanding of business and team ...