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SageCRM 6.x Field Length

One of our creative SageCRM admins created a custom entity in SageCRM 6.0 and was successfully using that entity for over a year. Just recently one of his unrestricted users started getting the following error every time he tried to enter a new entity

SageCRM Key Attributes

This week I had the opportunity to create some Key Attributes for a client.Before creating Key Attributes, make sure you understand the format and how to report off of Key Attributes. The reporting is a bit different than reporting off of fields that you have created and placed on an entity screen.A good example of […]

SageCRM- Quick Start Guide

In SageCRM there is a quick start page that comes up when you first log into SageCRM.Please don’t ignore this page, there is alot of good information to review from here.It is a very quick learning tool that walks you through setting up preferences and some basic functionality of the program.Many times this Quick Start […]

SalesLogix Data Dictionary

Companies often make customizations to their SalesLogix System, however they do not often track the reasoning behing these changes or the data elements that are necessary for customizations to work properly.I always recommend that the SalesLogix Administrator create a data dictionary that can be placed into the SalesLogix Library. Users will be able to access […]

Sage Announces New Global CRM Strategy

On March 10th, Sage CRM Solutions, part of the Sage Group plc, announced its global CRM strategy, Sage CRM Solutions 2010, a comprehensive product and technology vision to guide development of the Sage CRM Solutions product family that includes ACT! by Sage, SageCRM, and Sage SalesLogix.

MarketWatch for SageCRM

Watching the Market Landscape using RSS SyndicationSubscribe. Share. Learn. Succeed.What is MarketWatch? MarketWatch is an addon for SageCRM that allows you to set up a master RSS feed list for your organization that brings the best in syndicated content and allows your SageCRM users to watch the market landscape and stay in touch with what […]

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