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ComboFix Kills Saleslogix Sync

ComboFix, a third party malware utility, will alter the Operating system so .qts and .que files will no longer process and complete the sync cycle. To check for ComboFix look for the following dir "C:QooBox". Once it is determined ComboFix was run on this workstation here are the steps you will need to take. 1. Backup the registry. 2. Open Registry Editor. 3. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemControlSet001ControlFileSystem and in the righ...

Calling refresh from the LinkHandler.cs Class

I recently had to figure out how to make the detail view in the SalesLogix 7.5.4 web client refresh after running a common task.  The common tasks server side code executed within the LinkHandler.cs file in the App_Code directory.  This is how to accomplish that.           Sage.Platform.Application.UI.Web.ApplicationPage s = this.Page as Sage.Platform.Application.UI.Web.ApplicationPage;  &nbs...

SalesLogix Web Manifest “wizards” buggy

I had a phone call yesterday with a client who was trying to use the Application Architect's manifest creation "wizards" by project difference and by change date and was running into the fact that these wizards have bugs that malforms the XML representing the manifest. This prevents the user from being able to save the manifest, or if they do save, when installed do not properly add the components that are defined in the bundle.

The SalesLogix User Lookup Control: Defining which users are shown

  The SalesLogix User Lookup control is a custom Lookup control used to search the available SalesLogix users in the System. There is an important property attribute that should be considered when adding the control to a quick form.  The attribute is called “Show Non Logged in Users”.  By default this attribute is set to […]

Using IRepository and ICriteria when you have 3 Or conditions

  I recently ran into a case where I had to query an Entity in SalesLogix to find records where a user was in any one of three fields.  ICriteria has an Or operand but that is for comparing only two fields.  So how do you do three?  With Disjunction.  Here is an example: Sage.Platform.RepositoryHelper<Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount> […]

Troubleshooting the SalesLogix Disconnected Web Client

Last week I blogged on the deployment of the Disconnected Web Client. Today's post discusses the issues that could arise on the Installation of the Disconnected Web Client. If you have deployed in Application Architect and ran the sync server then the remote users should be able to run sync, apply the changes, and open the personal web server and then the SLXClient.

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