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SalesLogix Account Type and Sub Type picklist functionality

I recently had a client complaining that their Account Type and Sub-Type picklists were not correctly working in their SalesLogix v8 web client.  I decided to describe their problem in hopes it may help others. The Account Sub-Type picklist is driven off the value selected in the Account Type picklist.  SO based on what Type […]

Multiple Attendees per Activity feature coming for SalesLogix v8

Due out in the next few weeks is the #1 requested feature for SalesLogix; Adding multiple attendees to scheduled activities. Add multiple contacts or leads for Activities Attendees saved with the History record Manage leads, contacts, and users as contacts in one list SpeedSearch-based Attendee lookup for instant results  

Upgrading the SalesLogix Opportunity Snapshot from 7.5.x to 8.0

If you are upgrading to SalesLogix v8 and want to migrate your Opportunity Snapshot component forward you will need to make some adjustments to handle a breaking change in v8. The first thing is you should add a using statement: using Sage.SalesLogix.Services; Next you will need to replace the obsolete GetSystemInfo calls.  These should be […]

FREE Open Source Add-ons for SalesLogix version 8 web

SalesLogix is developing a number of FREE add-on solutions for SalesLogix version 8 web. Some of these are already available and others are in the works. •Quota and Forecasting•Territory Management•Audit Trail•Financial Vertical•SData Upload Attachment•Account Team Tab•E-Notification through Job Service•LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.•Attach Signatures and Photos from Mobile Device* (In Mobile 2.2)

Saleslogix E-marketin​g Special Offer

E-mail marketing has evolved to quickly become a fundamental arrow in most marketing departments’ quivers. SalesLogix is launching a new promotion that lets customers take advantage of special pricing for the SalesLogix E-marketing solution. New subscribers can use the integrated email marketing and social marketing solution to convert leads, retain customers, and grow the business for […]

Disabling the SalesLogix 8x Dynamic Form Gereration Cache

When doing development in the SalesLogix web client it is often useful to deploy the website and then open the deployed pages and user controls and edit them directly to try different code or troubleshoot problems.  In version 8 of the SalesLogix web client making changes to the deployed files in the web site does […]

SalesLogix Web Lead Capture Portal Discontinued in Version 8

The SalesLogix web lead capture portal has been unexpectedly “dropped” from SalesLogix version 8.  Sage’s documentation still mentions the lead capture portal however they have said that is a mistake.  They also mentioned they may create another new version of the portal sometime in the future but nothing exists at this time in version 8.

SalesLogix v8 web client no longer displays curreny symbols

 In the SalesLogix web client, there is a SalesLogix currency control that can be used to enter and display currency values in the web client.  In 7.5x this control used to display the currency symbol.  In v8, the currency symbol no longer displays.     Version 7.5x shown above.     Version 8 shown above.  […]

SalesLogix v8 code intellisense takes a step back

The SalesLogix code intellisense  that is available in Quickforms in SalesLogix v8 has taken a major step back from previous versions of 7.5x.  Now the only Intellisense offered under “this” is the controls on the user control and none of the underlying user control’s attributes are present like BindingSource, Controls, DialogService, etc. Version 8:   […]

SalesLogix v8 What’s New Power Point document clarifications

 In the official Sage What’s New power point there is a slide that is a little mis-informative and cryptic.  I want to clarify a few of these points. Here is the page:   “Type head for entity look-ups”: This is a bit misleading.  What this functionality really is that any column marked as “User” formatted […]

SalesLogix connection string format has changed within Connection.Config file from 7.5x to 8.x

 Just a heads up on something I ran into that was causing me some problems.  The format of the way the connection string is stored in the connection.config file of the SalesLogix deployed slxclient website has changed between versions 7.5 and 8.   In 7.5x the format of the connection.config file looked like: <?xml version=”1.0″?><ConString>Provider=SLXOLEDB.1;Persist […]

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