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How I assign ownership to a group of Leads in Infor CRM?

There is a tool within Infor CRM to align Accounts to different Account Owners. It is called Territory Realignment. There is a tool in Infor CRM to globally replace data in Contact/Account Fields. But, I cannot find a way to update Lead ownership within Infor CRM. How is this accomplished in the interface?

Selecting Word Template Within SalesLogix Using the LookupEdit

Question: I'm trying to setup SalesLogix so that a user can select a Word template within SalesLogix. To do this, I am using the LookupEdit control with LookupMode=ImFile. When the control displays the lookup directory window, the directory displayed is always the last directory that I chose a file from. The templates always exist below a Library directory (the root directory), though the templates may exist in a sub directory. As an exam...

Form Not Being Invoked in SalesLogix

Question: I have a data form named EventDoc_Attachments within the Eventix family in SalesLogix: Sub ManageAttachments(Sender) Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke "Form", "Eventix:EventDoc_Attachments" End Sub

Link From Ticket to Products Tab in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix is it possible to link a Ticket to Opportunity by making the link go to System:Opportunity Details:Products? I'm trying to make it so that when a control is clicked and it links to an Opportunity, the link will go straight to the products tab.

Preparing a Connection String for External Database to SalesLogix

Question: I need to read data from a SQL database that is sitting on the same server as SalesLogix, and insert the records from the database into SalesLogix. My problem is I'm not sure how to prepare a connection string for the external database. Provider=Microsoft.sqloledb;Database=dbname; server=servername; uid = user; pwd=password Can you provide me with information/instruction?