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Can you import custom fields into SalesLogix via the Import Leads?

We are trying to import some leads and we need some additional fields. We added the fields in the database. Within the "Import leads" form the new fields will not be displayed. OK, so we had a look at the "SLX Leads Mapping" Script, added the new fields there and so we can arrange the mapping in the form. BUT: even if we mapped the new fields they won't be imported.

Is it Possible to Have Several Instances of MS Word Running and Still do a SalesLogix Mail Merge?

Question: I'm using SLX LAN 7.5.4 and MS Word 2010. When performing a mail merge while Word is already open we get a message to close Word before the merge can continue. I have custom coded routines that interact with Excel and Word and pump data to the spreadsheets/documents while other copies of word and excel are open and I haven't seen any errors or issues doing this. Is it possible to have several instances of Word running and and...

How can I centralize the dll common dependencies, so they will not be copied in duplicate to the user computer?

When adding a DLL in .NET Extensions Manager, the manager recognizes the dependent DLLs and adds it to the dependencies. The .NET Plugins and dependencies are copied to the user computer path, "C:Documents and Settings[user name]Application DataSalesLogixNETPlugins[saleslogix user][Plugin Name] My problem is: Some of the dependent DLLs are common for several DLL plugins, and they are moved to the above path in duplicate in the users comput...

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