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Sysdba fix script for SalesLogix database restores

When restoring a SalesLogix SQL database backup from one server to another, you must synchronize the database’s sysdba user to the new SQL server’s sysdba user.  This can be done using a SQL stored procedure.  SalesLogix provides this procedure under their database folder on the install DVD.   Inevitably I find I need this T-SQL […]

Editing tables in SQL 2008

I recently ran into an issue when trying to edit a SalesLogix table in the SQL Management Studio 2008. I was trying to increase the length of a field while in a table’s design mode. When I went to save my change I received this error: Saving changes is not permitted. The changes you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created. You have either made changes to a table that can’t be re-created or enabled the option Pr...

Importing data into SalesLogix using SQL DTS – Part 3

This is a continuation of part 1 and part 2. Part 1 I discussed setting up a SQL environment for importing and Part 2 talked about how to load in a source file into the import environment. In this post I am going to discuss actually transforming the data source so that it is in the format of SalesLogix.

SQL Server SSIS configuration issues

Recently I ran into a problem where I was unable to load a SSIS package into a SQL 2005 Server instance.  I received the following error:   The SQL Server specified in Integration Services service configuration is not present or is not available. This might occur when there is no default instance of SQL Server […]

Importing data into SalesLogix using SQL DTS – Part 2

This is a continuation of this article in which I begin to discuss importing data into SalesLogix using SQL DTS. Importing the Source File SQL offers an import wizard that is useful for importing data into a SQL database.  Alternatively you can import data from scratch by utilizing a DTS package.  I will demonstrate how […]

Retrieving Sales Order defaults for a MAS 500 customer

One of the useful stored procedures in MAS 500 that I have used quite a bit is spsoGetCustDflts.  This stored procedure allows you to pass in customer parameters and have the system return to you nearly all of the customer attributes you would need to populate a Sales Order in MAS 500. The spsoGetCustDflts procedure […]

Importing data into SalesLogix using SQL DTS – Part 1

While SQL DTS has now been replaced by SQL SSIS, I have always wanted to write up this post about how you can use DTS to import data into SalesLogix.  This post also describes some general concepts that can be used in SQL servers at 2000, 2005, or 2008 versions.  I hope to also write […]

Fetching Item Pricing from MAS 500

MAS 500 has many, many stored procedures that allow various actions to be performed while enforcing business rules, such as adding, updating, or removing records, or retrieving values from the system.  This article will describe one of the more useful procedures available for fetching pricing data from MAS 500.   The procedure to retrieve pricing […]

Displaying SQL Views in SalesLogix

A great feature, introduced in SalesLogix 7.0 is the ability to embed SQL views in SalesLogix, just as if they were a standard SalesLogix table. SQL views, can be a tremendously flexible solution to roll-up/aggregate data from various data sources into a consolidated source.  Obviously. use of the SQL views is predicated on the ability […]


SQLBrowser is a utility that will help you manage multiple SalesLogix databases. As a SalesLogix business partner, we can have hundreds of SalesLogix databases on our network at any given moment. With SQLBrowser you just log onto a SQL Server instance on the network and you'll see which SalesLogix databases are hosted there, what version of SalesLogix they are for, which SalesLogix server they are hosted on, and when they were created.

SQL Performance Tuning for SalesLogix Part II

In my last post, I talked about how you can look at a specific screen or query and analyze it using the SQL index tuning wizard. But what happens if you don't know which screen or query are causing issues? Well there are two additional ways you can monitor the system at a higher level to gain insight into the activity occurring against the SQL database.

SQL Performance Tuning for SalesLogix

OK, so my first post on the Integration Blog, isn't exactly about integrations but it is something I have been working with lately and have had some questions about so I thought it was a good jumping off point. With SalesLogix and its ability to extend the database structure to support customizations it often grows in scope beyond what was originally designed, as far as the SQL back end is concerned. It is important to consider what the imp...

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