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SQL Function for parsing name values

In a recent project, I had to create a SQL Server Integration Services package to basically copy contact information (which was being stored in the Account.Account field) from the Account table into the Contact table. Since the Contact name was being stored in it's entirety within the account field, I needed a way to parse the Contact information to populate the individual contact name fields in the contact table.

Recombining Parsed data in SQL

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about using User Defined functions and Cross Apply to parse data in SQL server. The second part of the import I was working on required me to take that parsed data, perform some manipulations, and then recombine that data. Surprisingly, I found that putting that data together was much more difficult then pulling it apart in the first place. After much experimentation, this is what I came up with...

Flattening Out SalesLogix Data To Combine Multiple Rows into a Single String using SQL

A question came up from a person attending our current Report Writing class about how to flatten out data that exists as multiple rows in the database to a single string in a report. There is a really cool trick you can do in SQL to accomplish this which I previously outlined in a post on my personal blog where I outline a technique that can be used to make a query append each value from the rows in the query to a variable. Without using cursors,...

The Absolute Best Way to Sync Views Out to Remotes

I wrote about this topic just prior to The Crystal Report Writing class. During the class the question was asked "What about using the Execute SQL tool in the SalesLogix Administrator for syncing out SQL views to remotes?" As a development team we have looked at this before and always found that it just did not work. But we had not tested it in quite a while so we decided to try it again, and this time it worked.

Sync Views out To Remotes

The scenario is you have created a SQL view for use in a Crystal Report.  Your end users are excited about the report but then you started getting phone calls from your remote users that the report will not run.  You realize that the view you used to help organize your data did not synchronize […]

Understanding SalesLogix Picklists data structure

Picklists in SalesLogix are a very useful tool, but did you know you could also you values from an existing picklist to populate other list-based controls such as ComboBoxes, CheckListBoxes, ListViews... even Radio groups? You simply need an understanding of the structure of picklists in SalesLogix:

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