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IIS configuration for Infor CRM SLX

This next program I am going to cover is a bit of a departure. After covering several Infor CRM SLX programs (Connection Manager, Administrator, Application Architect, twice), in this post we will be covering IIS (Internet Information Server).  IIS is not an Infor CRM SLX program. It is, in fact, a Microsoft MMC snap-in used […]

Infor CRM Web Client Merging Account Error

If you are trying to merge accounts in the Infor CRM web client and you receive a popup stating: “You do not have the required security access for the selected records” This is caused by the web client validating the current user’s field level security against the security profile assigned to the user on the […]

Log4j and Infor CRM

Infor CRM is not vulnerable to the log4j security exploit, but there are steps that can be taken to make some of its supporting programs more secure.

Troubleshooting Constraint Violation Errors in Creatio

If you’re experiencing constraint violation errors when debugging code or processes in Creatio, it can sometimes be difficult to understand where exactly the problem lies. This article will outline how to troubleshoot these types of errors. Background In Creatio, when you add a lookup to an entity object, it adds a database-level constraint that enforces […]