Tag: Troubleshooting

Errors installing Web Manifests in Infor CRM 8.3

I was recently working with a client who was having trouble installing the 8.3 Web Action items manifest (Infor v8.3 Action Items VFS.zip). Within this manifest are actions like create triggers or drop indexes. Whenever these Database Definition Language commands were attempted they would receive the dreaded and completely useless “Object Reference not Set to […]

Checking Open Ports for an Infor CRM Web Server

It’s a common scenario where an Infor CRM server in the DMZ needs to communicate with the Infor CRM application server and SQL server inside the network. In these cases, usually there is a need to open the necessary ports to allow the communication from the server in the DMZ to the servers inside the network. You can […]

Unable to Insert Opportunities in Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) Web Client

 I recently ran into an issue where a client was unable to insert Opportunities when logged in as particular users.  When they clicked Save they would get an error similar to this: The statement has been terminated. : String or binary data would be truncated.Saleslogix Error Id: SLX2AECA524F481B1D7URL: http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/InsertOpportunity.aspx?modeid=InsertException type: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbExceptionSource: System.Data....

Saleslogix 8.1 Web Access Tab Throws Null Reference Error

 I recently had a client experiencing a problem access the Contact’s Web Access tab.  Whenever the tab was opened, an error would be thrown.  The underlying error in the event log looked like this:  2014-06-11 15:07:24,400 [38] ERROR SlxClient.ContactPage – Saleslogix Web Client unhandled exception during async postback [Saleslogix Error Id=SLX9F9FFFDDFBC8305C]{  “slxErrorId”: “SLX9F9FFFDDFBC...

Unable to Win Opportunities for Some Records in the Saleslogix web client

We recently ran into a client issue that I have just reported to Swiftpage as a bug (Ticket 8010151686) This applies to all Saleslogix web clients, including version 8.1. When you win an opportunity the opportunity products get copied to assets with ACCOUNTPRODUCT.OPPORTUNITYID and ACCOUNTPRODUCT.OPPPRODUCTID populated based on the source records. If you later delete […]

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