The Future of CRM Systems

The Future


The marketplace is saturated with CRM systems of all types and costs, from free to thousands of dollars per user per year.  Most have one thing in common that limits their usefulness – for the most part they just store data.  All CRM systems are built using forms over a database and they have been this way since ACT! came out in the ’90s.  The database stores the data and the forms provide the user interface for inputting data and viewing it in a collection or screen view.  They are dormant, they just sit there doing nothing until the user interacts with the software in some way.  There are CRM systems that have programmable business rules in some areas that can react to data conditions or UI input, but most are not very intuitive or useful and require a developer to create and maintain these business rules.  Because of this complexity, very few customers implement business rules let alone real automated workflows or automated business processes that can do actual work.  There are also several 3rd party workflow software packages that can be added to your CRM solution but they are backend tools and not part of the user interface.  This means they require someone with a deep understanding of the CRM data structure and the ability to learn yet another proprietary system.

The disconnect that exists from this shortcoming is that everything we do within our CRM systems is just performing another manual step in our real-world processes.  We are not just data entry workers, we are business people working through multiple complex processes constantly.

So what if your CRM system was built with workflow processes at its core?  What if the system was a Business Process Engine that also does CRM exceptionally well? What if every business process we are manually working through was assisted by, or accomplished by, the CRM system?  How much more efficient and successful could we be?

Let us know if you would like to explore this future solution for your company.

P.S. It’s already here and it’s called bpm’online.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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