TimeLinx: Bringing Project Management to Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Join us Wednesday, June 21st at 2pm CDT.

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The sale has been closed, and now it’s time to start the project.  How the project is executed can make a favorable impression with your customer, or it can make earning your customer’s business in the future difficult.  My guess is that you want to make a favorable impression so that you can build a long lasting relationship.  Enter TimeLinx.  If you’re using Infor CRM (Saleslogix) for sales, marketing, and support functions but using other tools to deliver services, TimeLinx extends Infor CRM’s functionality with a completely embedded Project Management system. Join us this month as we explore the benefits of implementing TimeLinx, including:

  • Embedded within Infor CRM ensuring all of your relationship information is connected.
  • After a sale, project information doesn’t need to be re-keyed into a separate system, alleviating the risk that critical details will be missed.
  • Advanced resource management to optimize scheduling and work assignments of staff or contractors.
  • Eliminate the back and forth of pro-forma invoices between project managers and finance which slows down invoicing.
  • Enable activation of enhanced billing rates (overtime, weekends, etc.) which add to bottom-line profits.
  • ERP integrations with various Sage ERPs, Infor ION ERPs, and QuickBooks, eliminating typing errors and cash flow delays.

What: TimeLinx: Bringing Project Management to Infor CRM presented by Mark Engelberg of TimeLinx
When: Wednesday, June 21st at 2pm CDT
Where: Online via GoToWebinar
Cost: Free!

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