Truncate Error When Choosing Checkbox and Saving in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix I have a checkbox on a form that is bound to a boolean
field in the database.  When I check the box and attempt to save I
receive a truncate error.  I’m thinking I’m getting the error because
the field size of a boolean field is 1 and the checkbox is returning
True or False, not T or F.  Next I tried to make a new field with a
longer string type and bound the checkbox to this field.  Now, when i
check the box and try to save i receive the error message
‘StringConverter’ is unable to convert ‘System.String’ to
System.Boolean.’  Any suggestions of how I can fix this?

Answer: Try going into the Application Architect and make sure that the Property against your Entity has a Data Type of “TrueFalse”.


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