Turning Off Compiler Warnings in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

If you ever do a publish in Creatio and you get warnings, these warnings can be turned off in the system settings. The warnings look like this.

To find the settings for the warnings you could just search for “Display C# compiler warnings when publishing configuration” in the system settings and the code for the setting is “CodeCompilerWarningLevel“. This is an integer setting, here are the possible settings.

  • 0 – Ignore all warnings.
  • 1 – Ignore all but the most severe warnings.
  • 2 – Medium level warning messages.
  • 3 – Low level warning messages.
  • 4 – Show informational-level warning messages.

The default value of this field is 2. To turn them off completely you would change this setting to a 0. Keep in mind that warnings don’t affect your publishes at all they are more for just showing information. So turning them off won’t really affect anything.


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