Unable to Run Jobs in the Job Manager

I had a customer today that was unable to run jobs from the Job Manager.  The error they continued to get each time was an authentication error:


After a lot of checking and rebooting , the simple answer is that the “Use Windows Authentication” checkbox was not checked in the Infor CRM Administrator program.

You can find this in Administrator….Tools/Options/Passwords…”Use Windows Authentication”.

Check this box and restart your Infor CRM Job Server Service.  Then log into your Web client and retry the Job Manger Jobs.


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Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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  1. Dale

    Wanted to write and say thanks, we spent hours trying to troubleshoot why the Job Service would work fine for Reports and Export to Excel, but would not process other jobs like Contour Distance search geocoding. This elusive checkbox was the cause!


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