Update 06 for Infor CRM 8.1 is now available for download

All 3 Web update 06 files for Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) 8.1 are now available for download from the Infor Xtreme portal.

Here is the list of the fixes, it is a lot of stuff…

 Web Model update 06
15097867 After applying 8.1 Model 05, SpeedSearch does not work as expected in Customer Portal.
15097943 The Outlook Server Connection path needs to automatically append the path with “/sdata” to
accommodate environments with both Outlook Sync and XBar.

Web Core update 06
14094887 Error appears when sorting the Participation Count column in the Activities list view on the My Activities tab.
14096364 The Account Timeline tab does not show all of the activity for a given time period if there are more than 15 activities.
14096684 Code Mashups are not deployed as part of the Remote Office deployment.
14097393 Implemented changes to protect some Web Client fields that are vulnerable to cross-site scripting.
14097597 The Calendar Week, Work Week, and Month views will only show the first 100 events scheduled.
14097637 Groups with the Use Distinct option selected do not return the correct results for SQL 2012 databases.
15097717 Dynamic groups with the Return Distinct Rows option selected do not return the correct results for SQL 2012 databases.
15097732 After adding a new comment in the Ticket Detail view,the ticket activity for the comment appears on the Ticket Activities tab, but the Type columns is blank.
15097779 On the Account Details tab, the Lead Source cannot be added or edited.
15097785 When multi-currency is enabled, My Currency in Options and Currency on the Account Details tab should be editable.
15097834 On the Dashboard, the pie chart widget does not display data.
15097847 Groups that should not be visible in Customer Portal if 8.1. Model Update 05 is not applied, after applying 8.1 Core 05.
15097857 On the Activities list view, the Clear All button does not correctly clear custom lookup filters.
15097869 When an Opportunity group filtered on Estimated Close is exported to Excel, the error “An error occurred requesting job manager: Can not convert Date to String” displays.
15097899 On the Dashboard, widgets do not display the specified number of records.
15097902 In Customer Portal, inserting an attachment on the Ticket Detail view displays an “Upload Failed” message.
15097903 An error occurs when executing a job within the context of another job.
15097907 The Picklist type should allow the value to be set even if picklist name is empty.
15097909 Add new picklist item business rules to be extended for new filter property.
15097913 On the Sales Order Detail view, the Method Accounting System should be specific to the X3 integration.
15097914 The New Ticket Contact and Contract picklists contain the return wrong items.
15097917 On the Opportunity Detail view Contacts tab, clicking the Edit link next to a contact opens a blank Edit Opportunity Contact dialog box.
15097918 On the Dashboard, the line on Line Charts is barely visible.
15097926 After applying 8.1 Web Core Update 03b, accessing the Web Client on a tablet (iPad) using a Chrome browser causes the Web Client to stop responding.
15097935 The contact’s phone and email are not displayed on the Ticket Detail view for non-admin users.
15097937 An error occurs when executing business rules via SData.
15097940 The Account Service Information dialog box does not display any data for users assigned to the Standard Role.
15097962 The SData Currency control column does not handle the Exchange rate property correctly in some scenarios.
15097987 The navigation arrows on the Dashboard have a gray background instead of blue background.
15098103 The Contact Detail view, Contact Sync tab should not return delete records.
15098172 Moving or editing a Dashboard widget may cause the widget values to change and labels to no longer display.

Web update SNC 06
14094958 On the Web Client, when the Activities Time Frame Filter is used, the following error displays, “We’re sorry, you’ve encountered an error. If applicable, please try again. HTTP status. Internal Server Error (500).”
14096831 Previewing a Territory Realignment using a custom group displays the message “No Accounts to realign” instead of a list of records.
15097747 On the Web Client, the Timeframe filter on the Contact Detail view Activities tab does not work when using SQL 2008 R2.
15097802 Remove SLXRN from the provider for SQL2012.
15097842 On the Outlook Options, Connection tab, Xbar requires that the connection URL includes “/sdata”.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Per the implementation guide, SLX v8.1.0 VFS Web Core Update 05 AUX.zip is separate from the Web Core 06 update.
    This bundle contains updated and rebranded files for the Web Client and Customer Portal footer and Sign in and Sign off views.
    You do not have to apply this bundle if you also plan to apply 8.1 Model Update 06.


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