Update 06 for Infor CRM version 8.3 now available for download

Right on schedule, Infor has released the next update for Infor CRM 8.3.  In addition to squashing various bugs, several new features have been added as well as additional performance improvements.  You can download the updates now from the Xtreme portal.

Update 06 for Infor CRM version 8.3 includes the following new features:
Web Client

  • The ability to look for potential matching records when adding a new account.
  • When moving a contact there is a new option to assign all items to the same contact.
  • Showing groups has been replaced by group Favorites. Favorites determine which groups display as tabs on list and detail views.
  • Export to File and Export to Excel have been combined and renamed Export in Common Tasks and from the rightclick menu.
  • Changes to Export to improve performance, including a limit to the number of records to be exported and the ability to turn off exporting pivot tables to Microsoft Excel.
  • Sales Intelligence includes the ability to view the likelihood that a contact or account will make a purchase and provides a Recommendations tab that recommends products the contact or account is likely to purchase in the next 30 days.
  • Infor CRM with Infor Mingle
  • A new Dashboard widget for Opportunity Status (CRM.opportunity.Status.zip) is available.

For administrators and those with appropriate role access:

  • Steps for configuring Sales Intelligence, including the displaying the purchase likelihood score options.
  • New Custom Settings list view and Custom Settings detail view to manage group export settings, CreatePivot and MaxExportRecords.
  • There is a new Office Profile Groups tab that allows you to set a limit for the number of groups that can display as tabs on list and detail views. All standard groups will be marked as Favorites by default.
  • There is a new common task on the Group Manager view to determine which groups will be marked as Favorites by default for new users.

Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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