Use Application Architect to Create a File System Deployment in Infor CRM

When configuring Infor CRM software, it is normal to have Infor CRM connect with IIS. This allows Infor CRM to automatically create and configure the web sites in IIS used by CRM. There are situations, however, in which is it desirable to use a file system deployment and manually configure IIS.
If you log in to Application Architect and bring up Deployment Explorer, you can see the default deployment is an IIS deployment, and some of the settings you choose will be carried over to IIS. If instead you wish do a file system deployment, you will need to create it. While you could blank out an existing deployment and create you file system deployment there, we are going to start with a brand new deployment.

Right click Deployments, the top-level folder in Deployments Explorer, and choose Add New Deployment. Rename if desired. Now right click on Deployment Targets, and choose to Add Targets. Check File System, and then also check the items you wish to include in your file system deployment. Click OK.  Now fill in the file path you wish to deploy to in the Base Directory line. You will notice there is much less to configure than there is for an IIS deployment.

File System Path

When you deploy to a file system deployment, all it does it write the files. It does nothing to publish them in IIS. You are then free to set IIS to publish those files, or move them elsewhere if you need to publish from an IIS or other web server you are not able to connect to using Application Architect.

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