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I often get questions about passwords and resetting locked user accounts in Infor CRM, so I thought I would cover some of that material here. This blog entry is specifically covering installation using CRM authentication, where users have a separate CRM username and password they use to log in to CRM.
You can view the password settings for the entire system using the Administrator program. Go to Tools > Options, and click the Passwords tab. On this tab, the Use Windows Authentication must be checked. Unchecking disables that capabilities for the entire system (which causes issues), while checking merely grants the ability to enable that for accounts, actual Windows authentication is enabled at the account level.

Password Options

In addition to this must-not-be-unchecked box, there are controls for the standard sort of password rule one might expect. Note that setting the setting the Minimum Password Length or Days Until Password Expires to “0” in effect turns off these features, while setting the Lock Timeout to “0” means locked account never unlock on their own and must be unlocked manually.

A word about how user locking and unlocking works. Locking only applies to the web client, unsuccessful login attempts on the LAN client, or some other LAN program such as Administrator, are not counted, and you can freely log in to these programs even with a locked account. On the web client, however, each failed login attempt is logged. If the number of failed attempts is at or below the Login Attempt Threshold, the account can still log in. After a number of minutes equal to the Lock Timeout, the failed attempts are forgotten. If the number of failed attempts is exceeded, the account is locked, and cannot log in to the web client. The account is unlocked after a number of minutes equal to the Lock Timeout.

If you wish to unlock an account before it automatically unlocks, or if you have the lock timeout set to “0” and the account will never unlock on its own, you can unlock an account using the Administrator program. If you bring up the list of users, there will be a red square next to any locked user. Right click on the user and choose Reset User Logins to unlock them.

Reset Password

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