Using Picklist data revisited

Back in January, I posted about the SalesLogix picklist data structure, and outlined how to use the data found in the picklist table to populate other controls such as comboboxes and listboxes.  You can find that article here.)  If you are performing customizations to version 7.2 or later of SalesLogx, this processes can be greatly simplified by using Application.Picklist instead of directly querying the database.

By using Application.Picklist, you no longer need to understand how SalesLogix stores picklist data.  This also serves to clean up your code, since you don’t have to look at the picklist table.

As an example, here is code populating a ListBox control with the values from the “Contact Type” picklist.

Dim x

Set objList = Application.PickLists.Item(“Contact Type”)
For x = 0 To objList.Count – 1
Set objList = Nothing


That’s all there is to it.  Much simpler than looking at the picklist data directly via a query.  Remember though, Application.picklists is ONLY available on implementations of SalesLogix version 7.2 or greater.

Thanks for reading! [:)]


Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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