[Video] Using Infor CRM SLX Workflows

Let’s talk about workflow management in a CRM system.  This important, but often underutilized feature, can truly help to move your business forward. Workflows can help keep your team from being bogged down by repetitive tasks, customer interactions can become more seamless, and operations can flow effortlessly.  By automating mundane tasks and standardizing processes, you free your team to focus on what truly matters—building meaningful relationships and driving innovation.

Infor recently held a webinar to provide guidance on the benefits of utilizing workflows in Infor CRM, such as automating routine tasks (we all have plenty in our day-to-day), improving efficiencies, enhancing communications, and optimizing decision making.  The webinar also provides examples of workflows you can create in Infor CRM SLX, a few examples being Lead management, Opportunity management, and Account management.  But the real star of this demo is the workflow design process session.  Ed Heinsius, Principal Solution Consultant at Infor, shares helpful insight into the do’s and don’t of workflow design while taking users through the process.

If you were unable to join the demo we’ve got you covered…

Watch demo now!

Bonus:  This webinar discusses some of the features that will be available in Infor CRM SLX 9.3

Do you use workflows?  Do you struggle to design and implement workflows?  Let us know in the comments!


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