Visual Analyzer Set Up (Part 6) The Tickets KPI

I do have to apologies for my absence in keeping up with these blogs.  I have been elbows deep in learning to develop in the Sage Saleslogix 7.2.2 Web environment.  Fun stuff, but the boss keeps giving me the look in which I have to interrupted as “Keep up with your blog”.  Or it could be that I have been feeling guilty that I have not been. 

Today we will continue on with the series that focuses on the set up of Visual Analyzer (VA) in the Saleslogix (SLX) environment.  Specifically the KPI’s.  We left off with a post that focused on the Leads KPI, today we will turn our attention to the Tickets KPI but with an additional challange that helps you expand your abilities with a standard VA install.

 The first thing you will notice with this KPI is that the green area is on the left side instead of the right as with all of the previous KPI’s

By following the instruction in the first blog in this series labeled “Visual Analyzer Set Up (Part 1)”, you can navigate your way to the KPI Excel spread sheets.  When you visit the first sheet in the file labeled “KPIs”, there are five columns, the forth column from the left is labeled Goal direction.  As you can see the Leads was set to Increase where as Tickets is set to decrease.


From my experiments with the Ticket KPI using the evaluation database I can tell you that this KPI counts the number of per user Tickets with a Status of “Open”.  The goal established is set at 24 for the year of 2008 for each of the users.  Since this is the 9th month of the year the goal for Lee Hogan (my evaluation database user) is set to only have 18 open tickets in the system.   If you have read the other articles you are probably well versed with the the rest of what you need to do if this methodology works for your company.   

The client I am working with challanged me to think outside the box with this KPI.  The client wanted to see how many Tickets were open per user compared to the the number of tickets that would be considered their Max Load.  This would indicate to this client a user that may be over whelmed or having difficulties. 

In order to accomplish this we decide to trick the VA interface by using standard formulas in MS Excel which did the math to achieve the Max Load.  This allowed the VA admin the ability to adjust the values as necessary.

Below is a screen shot of the calculator we created:

( I provided this calculator as an attachment to this article. )

This calculator is built on a new worksheet I added to the KPI file, I located the sheet after the KPI (10) sheet.  I labeled this worksheet “Formulas”.  All of the users and dates still need to be entered in KPI (5) as detailed in other articles.  In this case, instead of typing in a goal, we reference the cell at the bottom of the calculator. 

The VA Admin determined the average number of Tickets that constituted the Max Ticket load for a user.  This value is added in the “Max Ticket Load Per Month Goal” field located at the top of the calculator.  Our Current Date is populated automatically ( =Today() ) and is used to figure out which month we are currently in.  This date is compared to the Last Date of Month fields which were populated manually.  We also added the Month # to use in our formula.  

Basically the formula is  –  the goal entered, divided by the number of the month you are in, multiplied by 12.

In our example, the goal we entered is 35 and we are in September which is the 9 month.

(35/9)* 12 = 46.67

Since none of the other months qualified to provide a value this is value that will be used. 

VA now does its math which is basically (46.67/12)* 9 = 35.00. 

This same calculator can be copied and used for other goals. 

The only requirement is that the KPI MS Excel spread sheet will need to be opened, saved, and reloaded into VA once a month to allow the users goals to be updated.  I hope this helps someone.   Comments are welcomed!

Be well. Do good things. Keep smiling![:)]





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