What SalesLogix components do I need to duplicate my Clients production system?


I am doing some SalesLogix customizations for my customer, who is currently using the Saleslogix LAN 7.0.
What components do I need on my computer to accomplish these customizations?


If you want to set up a complete duplicate system as your client you will need the following:
1 A SQL backup of their database.
2 The SLX Server components (SLX Server, Admin, Architect)> These should be at the same level as you clients, including service pack and hotfix levels. Compare their executable versions to yours.
3 The SLX Client.
4 You will need to restore the DB to your own SQL server
5 You will need to clear out the sync path in the SYNCSERVER table in order to login.
6 Provided you dont need to test out attachments or library functionaity from your client you can leave those paths as set in the BRANCHOPTIONS table
7 You will need to configure your SLX Server to point to the restored SLX DB. This will clear out the path fron your client’s site. That is OK as it is just changing the setting in your DB
8 You will need to add an alias to your SLX server for use with the architect, admin, and client applications.

You dont need their bundles. All customizations should be contained in the database. (Provided they are not using some external executables in their customizations).

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