Workaround for hanging mainview objects in SalesLogix

In SalesLogix, you have the ability to invoke a form as a main view object.  This is handy for a number of reasons, but there appears to be one major drawback.  When invoking a form as a main view object, sometimes the form can take an inordinate amount of time to open, giving the sense that the system has hung.


Instead of opening a main view object, you can avoid the delay in opening the form by simply invoking the new form, and then using global variables to pass any necessary information back to the invoked form.


This sample code is for an account tab which calls an edit view containing a single picklist control, which sets the current Account Type value.





Using a main view object, a recordset is opened, getting the current type value, which is then passed on to the main view form.  On a modal result of “mrOK”, the recordset is updated with whatever value was selected in the edit view.  The mainview itself contains no code;  View defaults and dataupdates are performed by the originating script.

Sub cmdMainViewClick(Sender)
    Dim objRS
    Dim objMainView, objDetail

    Set objRS = Application.CreateObject(“ADODB.Recordset”)

    With objRS
        .LockType = adLockOptimistic
        .Open “Select type from account where accountid = ‘” & Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentAccountID & “‘”, Application.GetNewConnection
           Set objMainView = Application.MainViews.Add(“Personal:Set Account Type”, 0, False)
           Set objDetail = objMainView.DetailsView
           objMainView.BorderStyle = 3
           objMainView.Caption = Application.Translator.Localize(“Set Account Type”)
           objDetail.pklAccountType.Text = .Fields(“Type”).Value & “”
           If objMainView.ShowModal = mrOK Then
                .Fields(“Type”).Value = objDetail.pklAccountType.Text
           End If
           Set objDetail = Nothing
           Set objMainView = Nothing
    End With
    Set objRS = Nothing
End Sub
Using the DoInvoke function instead simplifies the process of launching the view, however you will need to add any code to update data to the invoked form in order to be able to control committing the data when closing the form.

I order to launch the form, I simply set any parameters I need to global variables, then invoke the form:

Sub cmdDoInvokeClick(Sender)
    Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoSet “gAccountID”, Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentAccountID
    Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke “View”, “Personal:Set Account Type”
End Sub

On the WhenOpen event of the form, I set any initial values I need on the form using the globals I set before invoking the edit view.

Sub AXFormOpen(Sender)
    If Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoExists(“gAccountID”) Then
        strAccountID = Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoFor(“gAccountID”)
        Form.Caption = “Set Account Type”
        Form.ModalResult = mrNone
        pklAccountType.Text = GetField(“TYPE”, “ACCOUNT”, “ACCOUNTID = ‘” & strAccountID & “‘”)
    end If
End Sub

On the whenclick event of the ok button, I update values as necessary and close the view:


Sub cmdOKClick(Sender)
Dim objSLX

    If Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoExists(“gAccountID”) Then
        Set objSLX = New SLX_DB
        objSLX.ExecuteSql “update account set type = ‘” & pklAccountType.Text & “‘ where accountid = ‘” & strAccountID & “‘”
        Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoClear “gAccountID”
        Form.ModalResult = mrOK
    End If
End Sub

As a best practice, using the DoInvoke function isn’t ideal.  For now though, it seems to be the most effective way to get around that pesky delay when opening mainview objects.


(The bundle contains the views and code as outlined above)



Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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  1. Have you ever heard anything to imply that they are aware of the issue? It’d be great if that was somthing that got fixed at some point.


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