Working With Delete Signals in a Process in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

Delete signals can be pretty useful sometimes but can be confusing to use. In this article I’ll show you how to use a delete signal in a process. Usually when you use a signal of any kind you’d want to read what is causing the signal (in this case, the record being deleted). The problem with the delete signal is that unless you change some properties of the signal the record will already be deleted before you can read it.

When using any signal there is a checkbox called “Run following elements in the background“.

When using a delete signal you will need to make sure you always have that unchecked. What this checkbox means is when it’s running in the background (when the checkbox is checked) the “thing” (add, edit, delete) happens and triggers your process to run – but not necessarily at the same time. This is a problem with the delete signal because before you can read or do anything with your record it will already be deleted. So having this unchecked means that your process runs as a part of the “thing” that is happening, so for a delete signal the record won’t get deleted until the process is finished running and you’ll be able to read the record being deleted.


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  1. Dear Tate,

    In my case, using Creatio 7.18.3 didn’t work,

    I want to update the total detail on the section record, and get the update just on insert or modify details records, when I delete, it didn’t work, even having unchecked the checkbox “Run following elements in the background”

    Also, is there any way to update the section without refreshing the section?

  2. Dear Tate,
    Thank you for the help, but it did not work for me either

  3. The problem is when you uncheck, the record for all next purposes in the process still exist, so if you want to sum the detail of and invoice, for example, it will sum even the deleted record…

    • Yes, this is true. At this point when the process executes, the record still exists (has not yet been deleted). You’ll need to make sure any sums or other operations excludes this record.

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